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Faculty of Engineering
Major in Civil Engingeering | 2014
Graduate with GREAT CGPA AMIN ! 4.0
Nak jadi artis, nak jadi dokter, nak jadi perdana menteri
Amateur guitarist with no skills. Wanted to be Pianist
Open a lovely cozy cafe
Be friends with all kinds of people from all around the world
Nak jadi Isteri awak


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Kamila Mahmudah Zahra Binti Mohtar. 10|02|1996 Too many dreams too little time. Allah Rasulullah Family Friends Boyfriend, always will always have. Always wanted to be smart. Travel the world and see the beauty in everything. Positive heart will always leads to happy life.


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Be bright like sunflower. Be strong and dont give up. Have courage and be kind.
Allah loves you
Friday, March 18, 2011 @ 8:38 AM
what about now what about tomorrow
i wish that sunshine will come back soon and give me a better day 
if today im not changing into a more better person
just hope i am still here by tomorrow

tomorrow will always come but me , i dont know until when
dream is only a dream
making your dream is hard but dont ever give up
dream to touch the sky until tomorrow u never will
dream to be reality
tomorrow is our dream

(ouh my dear , what a rubbish . this is my real english . i bet that all i wrote just now was a nonsense and bad english .im not really good in english but im improving (: people learn from their mistake and if i am wrong , please . help me )

( aha ! but then again , merapu lagi haa mila <3 dah bhase english sala , kau na bgytahu dlm bhase english . auw , bagos kan sayaang . lagi tonggang langgang tebalek )

thanks for reading readers . hope now u know that im still learning (:


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