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Faculty of Engineering
Major in Civil Engingeering | 2014
Graduate with GREAT CGPA AMIN ! 4.0
Nak jadi artis, nak jadi dokter, nak jadi perdana menteri
Amateur guitarist with no skills. Wanted to be Pianist
Open a lovely cozy cafe
Be friends with all kinds of people from all around the world
Nak jadi Isteri awak


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Kamila Mahmudah Zahra Binti Mohtar. 10|02|1996 Too many dreams too little time. Allah Rasulullah Family Friends Boyfriend, always will always have. Always wanted to be smart. Travel the world and see the beauty in everything. Positive heart will always leads to happy life.


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Be bright like sunflower. Be strong and dont give up. Have courage and be kind.
Allah loves you
Sunday, June 19, 2011 @ 2:41 AM
all about him . yeah . you :)
its already been a week
like that time was sunday and today = sunday 
sunday disaster and always will be --'

like im not with him anymore :)
that i can say simple so gooood (okay tipu)
and hurt ?
okaay . siket . tak ! banyaak weh . okay tak , siket jea
(like everyday in school i think about him)
sucks man . hurt lha jugak
mane tak , everyone kept saying about you :) sukaa 
happy coz i think lha kan , i think kau ta syg aku un (rase)
so aku tanak kau seksa ngn aku
but then ! kau pike bnde yg same . kau pike aku ta syg kau
kau kate kau tanak aku teseksa . ta wehh ! tak !
aku mintaaak maaf , yes maaf aku taakley bwak kmane
aku just nak kau tahu :( aku tatau isi haty kau
aku tatau kau syg aku k ta 
it just like , kau takde mase tok aku
okaay , bkan aku tana paham . sunyiii sial :(
its like weird babe . totally freak me out
okay bkan cmtoh
cam , bkn kea ptot boyfie slalu ngn gf die --' 
pheewiit , aku becintaa :)))
it just like
zaaapp , lesap --' i dont know where it 'lesap'
and you are totally different ! all the bangang things , sweet thing about you
in facebook , totally disappear
its like two MR.Bean . one in facebuk and one
in asrama
and totally , youuu are sleeping beauty !
u always want to sleep . sleep sleep sleep
okaay aku tau kau penad and im really2 sorry
i didn't mean to hurt you . SUMPAH
aku tapena beniat un na game kau ke ape sebub
aku tapena game kau !
aku sayang kau . tapy aku tatau syg camne . aku just syg kau
tapelu en sebub tok syg seseorg kan
HAHA :) u know what . the best moment with you is
gadohgadoh dgn kau :) sumpah gumbire
plus + time kau mintak kapel , aauuww , so sweet doe
imissyouu yang toh . yes yang toh . bkn yg ni --'
but . its all done . really ! :) for sure
plus , i really wanna hang with you 
sanad sanad :D please . maybe tu last kite jupe
a short love story 
aku tau seorang mzty teluke bace bnde ni
tak , korang bedue :(( aku tatau ape yg aku na dlam hidop ni
aku mintak maaf


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