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Faculty of Engineering
Major in Civil Engingeering | 2014
Graduate with GREAT CGPA AMIN ! 4.0
Nak jadi artis, nak jadi dokter, nak jadi perdana menteri
Amateur guitarist with no skills. Wanted to be Pianist
Open a lovely cozy cafe
Be friends with all kinds of people from all around the world
Nak jadi Isteri awak


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Kamila Mahmudah Zahra Binti Mohtar. 10|02|1996 Too many dreams too little time. Allah Rasulullah Family Friends Boyfriend, always will always have. Always wanted to be smart. Travel the world and see the beauty in everything. Positive heart will always leads to happy life.


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Be bright like sunflower. Be strong and dont give up. Have courage and be kind.
Allah loves you
Thursday, March 8, 2012 @ 1:54 AM
Encik Mimpi

Hay Mr.Dream *lambai tangan
Here Here Here . I really wanna know about you
i fall in love with for the first time i heard your voice
First saya dengar lagu price tag google translate
Your voice making me melt ! Lagi lagi lagu ni
Say Hello to Isha Idiaz , Lyricist for this song !
i keep repeating this song ! 
the most important is , i never never NEVER see you *your picture lha
and i kinda like , he's so mysterious 
and making me dying wanna know you
Sumpah geram lhaa ! nak tahuu Encik Mimpi !
who are you ? 
saya suka style awak yang confident walaupon silap lirik ke hape ntah
yang boleh buad semua orang senyom , ketawa
thats a great , honour things !
and thats the special about you , dont care about perfection
yeah ! no one is perfect .
when you said "scroll down , scroll down" Ahaa !
Its all about your voice . Its tooo melodious 
too much irama that can make people crazy about you
so do I , even i never see you
its okay , as long i can heard you voice
saya gilakan suara awak tahu 
Hahahahahahaha :>
I'm your Die Hard Fan Encik Mimpi
Argh , takboleh lha dengan suare kau . Gemetar Jiwa
*Dalam diam ku mencintaimu*
Haha , esok konfem aku kecoh dekad sekolah pasal kau
Saya nak semua orang dengar awak nyanyi 
dan tahu betape bestnya awak nyanyi . Hihi . Me suckai much
some of people fanatic about penyanyi penjajah si bibir tuh
bukan sebab suara but rupa
but you , i fanatic about your damn sweet voice
To be honest , i dont you to be an artist yang keluar masuk tv 
but kalau rezeki and you accept , takboleh buad apeda
but i just want you to be in youtube :')
Encik Mimpi Encik Mimpi Encik Mimpi Encik Mimpi Encik Mimpi Encik Mimpi

I'm your dreamer


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