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Faculty of Engineering
Major in Civil Engingeering | 2014
Graduate with GREAT CGPA AMIN ! 4.0
Nak jadi artis, nak jadi dokter, nak jadi perdana menteri
Amateur guitarist with no skills. Wanted to be Pianist
Open a lovely cozy cafe
Be friends with all kinds of people from all around the world
Nak jadi Isteri awak


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Kamila Mahmudah Zahra Binti Mohtar. 10|02|1996 Too many dreams too little time. Allah Rasulullah Family Friends Boyfriend, always will always have. Always wanted to be smart. Travel the world and see the beauty in everything. Positive heart will always leads to happy life.


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Be bright like sunflower. Be strong and dont give up. Have courage and be kind.
Allah loves you
Monday, April 18, 2011 @ 12:47 PM
its you
its been a along time since my last post
so my blog is very the berhabok
and now i want to clean it with my new post . buahaha
and now im talking rubbish here :D
without taking any longer of your time ladies and gentleman 
i present to youu
farrah khairunnisa
nurul azlyza 
nurina izzati 

farrah khairunisa 
cite mezty nak hot :D bukan hot ape , cite mezty na cite panjangg
hahahaha :)) cite dari awal cite sapai cite habes die untok menerangkan sesuatu pasal die
die anaakk maakkk :D
lepas tuh die suke buad lawak bodoh yang konfem sumpah best gile 
sedang en die sendri ta prasan die buad lawak 
takpayah nak kelakar sangad lha kawan :D ehee
lepas tuh die gelak , mule2 cover lalu tekeluar lha gelaakan super power die
mencecet aku gelak :)

nurul azlyza
die ni lagi lha sumpah pelik . HAHA . die selalu pike die betol dan bile die pike die betol
tiade sape bole halang die , die akan buad selagi die rase die betol
hahahahaha :)) lagi lhaa aku rase kelakarr
but then lagi kelakar , kalau ade satu bende tuh kelakar , die takan gelak tau
die akan pike lu , bayang kan , imaginasikan , daann
mengilai teros sedang en time tuhh yg laen da benti gelak
hahahahaha <3 lagi lagi lawaak en

nurina izzati
ni lagi serrong ;D die tetap pendirian wehh . die buad ape yang die na dan die takan buad ape yg die tana
daannn dan yang lagi satuu
die gelaaakk sumpah pelik :)) hahahaha ! tatau lha ape yang pelik tapi memang pelik
ikikikikiki . susah den na bgytau cane 
ty bia aku suro die gelak depan korrang semua oukey <3
die ni suke buad take care . yang paham , paham lhaa
die kalau buad take care kat aku
memang menjadik , dasarr ta maluu 

and now i want to continue my rubbish ;) so all three young beautiful ladies is my bestie
till death oukey gang . no matter what . err . what going to happen happen lha
senang cite but
tak kire ape pon lhaa
korrang second lepas family akuu
and i promise that !  



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