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Kamila Mahmudah Zahra Binti Mohtar. 10|02|1996 Too many dreams too little time. Allah Rasulullah Family Friends Boyfriend, always will always have. Always wanted to be smart. Travel the world and see the beauty in everything. Positive heart will always leads to happy life.


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Friday, October 19, 2012 @ 7:32 AM

Soalan : Apakah benda diatas ini ?

Ignore all the grammatical error , im just a teenangers , im still learning 
4 jam 4 jam 4 jam 4 jam 4 jam ! 4 hours i tried to construct my blog so that i can change my blog just like the blog that owned by Indah Nada , Dian Pelangi or even Hanis Zalikha but it didn't work . DID NOT . Hahahahaha . It's like that 4 hours is just a waste of time , i should read biology rather than constructing my blog --' and end up it still the same face . Eh , let me make it clear , it's not like i'm noob enough or stupid to make blog like theirs but there's lots of things to do ! Like making banner , making banner for twitter account , facebook acount , youtube channel , flavors , bla bla etc etc . *Life nowadays are based on Social network like seriously* And maybe it takes days or months . Waste of time ha ? So i just rely on copy paste this template from :D

Life is about grateful to be a muslim :) seriously . I just can't believe it . People might say that it is coincident ... but let me make it clear that THERE IS NO COINCIDENT , No Coincident in life , it's faith . That time was raining heavily heaven when i walked home from school , alone , i didn't brought my umbrella that Rihanna gave me when she sang 'under my umbrella' and how I wish Justin Bieber would come *ofcourse without selena* and asked me for a ride and that would be IMMPOSIBLE and UNBELIEVABLE . I was 'basah kuyup' that time . But then , there's Abdullah , Hamba Allah , a guard at my taman lah kan , dia tumpangkan aku balik rumah . So , lets go home bebeh , that time it was rain cats and dogs and i was very thankful that Allah send me a nice pakcik to send me home . it is not coincident , Allah send him to help me . Alhamdulillah . But the thing is , bila aku bawa payung , panas kemain , bila tak bawa payung , hujan berderai bagaikan air mata -.-' what is this all about actually

And theeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnn , today , Jumaat , October 19 2012 , I still having examination . Final examination as you all know , youuu all knooowwwww . Right ? Unless you live in Pluto . Maaaiigad , tassawur exam was tough , hard , it's like the sun and i'm the ice and without any minute less , i would melt . Ustazah Aminah made the question T.T Padan lah kan susah semacam dua macam tiga macam . I was thankful because Allah help me to answer the question , Alhamdulillah . That time I was blank 'Apakah maksud insan' Dammit i didn't read that part ! I'm like halahaaaaai , insan is manusia lah kan ? Kkkk , better sleep , after memilau sana sini tengok kipas , tengok kehijauan daun diluar tingkap , tengok cikgu , tengok everything around and then sekali pintas I dapat fikir 'mengikut kehendaknya , nafsu , akal fikiran' and i'm like yabedabeduuuuuu . So that time i wrote , lebih kurang , more or less like this laahh 'insan adalah manusia yang dikurniakan akal fikiran serta hawa nafsu . serta berkehendak keatas sesuatu' okay , tu je . I'm happy cause the answer have 'akal fikiran' 'nafsu' 'kehendak' Okay , i'm grateful :)
Aku nak cerita pasal 'maksum' sekali but nevermind , this post rasa macam Panjang Panjang Panjang GILA . So Assalamualaikum , tak jawab dosa jawab sayang . My bis didn't work out . Poor me

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