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Wednesday, July 9, 2014 @ 5:35 AM
Daerah saya : Negeri Sembilan , Malaysia
Assalamualaikum peeps 

Disebabkan post kali ni adalah tugasan Aplinet yakni Aplikasi Internet , so i will not speak in Bahasa Melayu 
it has been awhile since my last post . and i did delete some of my previous post because ohmaigawd it is so embarrassing and i didnt realize i posted that galaauuu post so please excuse me . come on guys , it was me when i was still in form 5 , you know how high school girl can end up posting when she was sad , yes , galau post . okay fine , ignore it . 

so my first task is , i have to write about my hometown , about its culture , food and its signature . Let me get this clear , YES , i was born in Tangerang but please forgive me because i wasnt grown up in Tangerang , i only lived there for 4 years then i moved to Malaysia . So now i will tell you about Seremban , Negeri Sembilan , Malaysia . Since i lived there like for 11 years , more than half of my life !

back to our main task

Negeri Sembilan

 that red spot ? yes , i lived there ! 

seremban ? i lived 30 minutes away from seremban by car

Negeri Sembilan's culture ? Let mehhh think . loooong ago , the Minangs moved to Negeri Sembilan . So Negeri Sembilan and Padang have the kinda same culture . There's no word such as mencuri plagiat etc etc because the minangs moved to negeri sembilan and also brought their culture their food their dance to negeri sembilan and expand it there . So actually there's no such things as stealing culture to be honest . and and and when the minangs moved to negeri sembilan , there are no Malaysia or Indonesia . Both country doesnt achieved their independence yet  . So at that moment , minangs are minangs , minangs arent indonesian because at that time there's no Indonesia yet . Waaaiiitt , do you guys get what im trying to say ? Fuhhhh . Okay stop talking about history because this is not a history class .

culture culture culture
some of the traditional dance are
 tarian minang and

tarian piring !

Foooooodddd . Who doesnt like food ? Like seriously ? Everyone loveeeessss fooooodd ! In Malaysia , the biggest ethnic are Malays , Chinese and Indians . So each ethnic has their own signature . Let me show you

Malays have Nasi Lemak ! Omnomnomnom . Mostly they sell the ordinary Nasi lemak for rm1.00 . Nasi lemak special rm3.00

The Indians have Roti Canai ! My all time favorite ! Roti canai kosong , roti canai telur , roti canai bawang , roti canai pisang , roti canai planta etc etc . The price range rm1.00-rm3.00 . And they served Roti Canai with curry ! Yummy !

Last but not least the Chinese ! They have Dim Sum or Pau ! I barely eat dim sum so i dont know the price range but as for Pau or Bakpao in Indonesia , My school canteen sell it for rm1.50 for Blackpaper bakpao . And trust me , once you taste it , you cant stop eating it ! For reaaaallll ! 

Jeng Jeng Jeng ! And for Negeri Sembilan's food signture i present to you 
Masak Lemak Cili Api ! Omaigawwdd this is so delicious ! I cant stand it , im gonna faint ! Pingsaannnn ~


Ikan patin masak tempoyak , my dad's favourite ! 

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