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Wednesday, July 9, 2014 @ 11:27 PM
kemajuan teknologi
Hi ! this is an super duper express post because i have to submit it within an hour ! 
looooonnnnnnng ago there was no handphone at all !
omaigad ! no iphone , no galaxy samsung , no lenovo , no nokia . nothing !
so how our grand grand grand grand parents get to know each other ?
how they contact each other ? 

by using smoke

by using letters 

by using telegram

etc etc

the first person who invented the telephone was Alexander Graham Bell on 1876
and and and
im really thankful to him because of his invention we can invent an iphone right now ! 
and now , we're  waiting for iphone 6 right ?
Nooooooo , im not gonna buy it . lack of money ! hiks

during the 90's era 

do you still remember the famous amous snake game ? i do ! 

those days , the snake game was so mainstream . we played it all the time !
please please remember !

my very first handphone , when i was still in standard 6 , mum and dad bought me this and i only used for for several months and DUMMM ! rusaaaaaakkk
and then before i entered high school , i asked for this 

and guess what
my friend lost it ! 
thats all
hm hm hm
i cant sleep at all because i dont know how to tell my mum . i was stressed !
luckily mum and dad wasnt angry at all because they can see how stressed i am
thanks :'>

after that i only used 3310 
do you know what kind of phone is that ?
yes , that kind of phone that when you throw it to a dog , that dog will die and the phone will completely okay
sip !

what im trying to say is
from smoke to letter to telegram to phone to handphone to internet
how time flies !
full of revolution 

but , look around you , when i was small , when i was still in primary school 
do you know what game i played ?
i played batu seremban

police and thief
i played in mud ! 
hide and seek 

yes , kids nowadays play police and thief but on their smart phone
they do play bayblade , hide and seek , batu seremban but on their smart phone
oh god !
they really doesnt know how to LIVE !
3 years old kids now already know gadget ! 
me when i was 3 , i played bicycle with my friends outside , i chased my friends , laughing 
now , kids just laugh by themselves looking at their phone . omg

 to parents : im not trying to teach you about 'parental guidance'
but please please
teach your children how to live !
live correctly , let them play outside under the sun

so cheers 
lots of love , mila

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