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Wednesday, July 9, 2014 @ 6:20 AM
University Muhammadiyah Malang
That time i was arguing with someone and 

i said to my dad
'yah , ade mau pulang . pokoknya ade mau pulang . ade booking ticket'

here i am now , in Indonesia . Jreeeennnnnnnng
i already done my SPM or UAN on december 2013 
and i went to indonesia last february . and the spm result came out on march 2014
Alhamdulillah , i did well on my spm as the result came out as i expected . Alhamdulillah 
i was searching where should i further my study at that moment and seriously SERIOUSLY i dont have any intention on studying in indonesia actually
Annnnnndddd , my sister asked me to go to university muhammadiyah malang 
and my first expectation was

'kekna , ade mau kuliah disini ! seriously'

you know , i really love the surrounding . the first thing that attract me was the huge banner with red blazer with the model from different country or ethnic and im like 

'hey , i love red ! the blazer is red ! and the building , white ! wow , merah putih , my national flag colour . cool !'

the building . it is indeed a beautiful white building ! all white ! i love the concept of go green . the bicycle rental , the go green style beside the library , fuuuull with trees . nyaman , comfy , cozy !

oh ya ! i almost forgot , the mosque ! the facharuddin mosque if im not mistaken 
it really amazed me ! like , the mosque , the 'kubah' is really huge ! massive !

'masjid sebesar ni untuk universiti ? wow'
it was my first impression on the mosque 

other than the huge mosque , the dome . i really love the the design on the roof top !

theeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnn , the lake in front of the gkb . kinda catchy . hiks

this is my all my first impression

after that , my dad called me , he said that i got scholarship from two university there at malaysia . im like yeaayy Alhamdulillah BUT

a big but there !

i choose University Muhammadiyah Malang . Yippie !
I mean , why not UMM ? 
'A' Level university
good surrounding , good atmosphere
like come on , its Malang , dinggginnnnnnnnn ihirrr !
universiti terunggul se-jawa timur . wuhuuu !
Go green style
and and and
it is in MY COUNTRY 
my country ! until when i have to live in someone else country

the best part of becoming one of the student is , there are lots of exchange study program ! ohmaigad ! 
how cool is that ? we can go Europe county , UK , US etc etc 
and i look forward to join the program . insyaAllah 
wish me ! Aminnnnnnnn

For the newbies like me , there lots of program to attend such as p2kk 
let me tell you about p2kk . this program is amaziinnnnggly wonderful !
i attended this program last week and i get lots of new friends ! from different faculty !
the program also taught us how to gain self confident , leadership etc etc
and this kind of program , you can only get if you join university muhammadiyah malang !
ahaaa , interested ? i bet yes 

aplinet program , which i attend now . library program next monday etc etc 
so much program ! 
and of course , this september , i will attend ospek , or orientation 

what im trying to say now is , joining University Muhammadiyah Malang leaves me no regret at all
Alhamdulillah . i am grateful .

Arguing with my friend , leaving Malaysia without thinking

Allah really have such a great plan for me . If im not leaving Malaysia , i will not know how GREAT university muhammadiyah Malang is !
Everything happen for a reason . Thank you , God 

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