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Faculty of Engineering
Major in Civil Engingeering | 2014
Graduate with GREAT CGPA AMIN ! 4.0
Nak jadi artis, nak jadi dokter, nak jadi perdana menteri
Amateur guitarist with no skills. Wanted to be Pianist
Open a lovely cozy cafe
Be friends with all kinds of people from all around the world
Nak jadi Isteri awak


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Kamila Mahmudah Zahra Binti Mohtar. 10|02|1996 Too many dreams too little time. Allah Rasulullah Family Friends Boyfriend, always will always have. Always wanted to be smart. Travel the world and see the beauty in everything. Positive heart will always leads to happy life.


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Be bright like sunflower. Be strong and dont give up. Have courage and be kind.
Allah loves you
Wednesday, July 9, 2014 @ 11:42 PM
makaaaaaaasihhhhhhh mas Fandy mbak Kyra
udah mau ngajarin anak anak maba yang yaaaaaaaa ampuunnnnnnn  gak tau apa apa ini

the first day i came to the class . aplinet class
i was lateeeeeeeeeee
omaigad sorry !
i lived in Suhat so i need to go through all the traffic congestion etc etc
butuh perjuangan untuk sampai ke kampus 3 di tlogomas

first class
they taught us how to create gmail , how to browse ,  where to put the url 
thank you !

second class
they taught us how to create blog . how to use google drive , webmail
how to email our friends . the cc and bcc things . 

third class , which is today
they taught us how to use 4shared . i mean they explained the function of 4shared and things like that . 4 shared , ganool etc etc are online pendrive !
and i only knew that ! 
thank you thank you . arigato ! 
they also taught use how to actually used microsoft word correctly
i mean all those SHORT CUT !
woooww . thanks !

to Mas Fandy and Mbak Kyra
thank you for teaching us . hiks 

visit their awesome blog by the way !

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